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In 2016, for UNICEF and the Government of Montenegro, Giant’s Shoulder designed and implemented the “Opportunities Initiative” with 500 high school students and 50 companies across the entire country of Montenegro.

The Opportunities Initiative is an innovative behavioural science-based service that empowers students to be better prepared for the work world. In the initiative, every student visits ~3 companies to learn about the job market. An online and mobile platform facilitates these visits.


An independent scientific evaluation of the initiative by the University of Mannheim finds via a survey with 5000 adolescents in Montenegro:

  • Initiative participants’ knowledge of career options increases measurably (e.g. their salary expectations become more realistic as compared to non-participants)
  • Initiative participants report feeling less helpless and lost – Instead, they feel more in control of their life and are more hopeful that they will be able to find a good job
  • Initial results suggest that the initiative positively impacts adolescent health and wellbeing (long-term research currently in progress)


Find out more about the participating companies in Montenegro

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